Reconstruction of Taczaka and Garncarska streets

– Poznań

The subject of the contract was the function of a Contract Engineer together with the author's supervision of the extension of Taczaka and Garncarska streets in Poznań.

The purpose of this investment was reconstruction of the communication system of Taczaka and Garncarska streets into streets with a calmed traffic character with maximum elimination of architectural barriers and signage


Technical data

streets with a common function for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic, with parking spaces for passenger cars in an amount ensuring a high level of service for service premises in the surrounding buildings

streets of the "residence zone", to which entry and exit takes place via elevated crossings from Kościuszki, Ratajczaka and Św. Marcin

replacement of damaged asphalt pavement with cut granite cubes pavement surface made of granite slabs 90x60x10 cm

modern LED lighting with additional lighting of the square at Kosciuszki Street

planting decorative trees and deciduous shrubs along Taczaka Street

Taczaka and Garncarska streets

Scope of works

Divided into 3 project phases:

  • Stage I - preparation of a material and financial schedule, active participation in the tender procedure, verification of the Investor's documentation, Construction Site Handover Protocol
  • Stage II - investor's supervision over ongoing construction works
  • Stage III - verification of acceptance documentation, preparation of data for preparation of Technical Acceptance documents and facility book, supervision of obtaining the Permission for Use decision, Final Report.


The City of Poznań represented by PIM Company


The first half of 2020

Exceptional Talent

Taczaka and Garncarska streets

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