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We offer comprehensive management of investment projects and support investors through every stage of investment


Preparation of investment

We run all the necessary procedures for the investment on behalf of the investor. Tasks performed at this stage by our consultants include: checking compliance with the plan, obtaining the opinions, conditions, consent, tests and other formal documents necessary for decisions on the investment.

Construction Management/ Project Management

Carrying out the function of Construction Management (execution) we manage the investment process, which is divided into work packages (ranges) which are coordinated with each other. On the basis of the conducted analysis we issue recommendations to the Investor, who on the basis of them makes final decisions about all realizations.

Project supervisor

As a project supervisor we assume responsibilities of supervision, selection of contractors as well as coordinating and/or managing the course of all phases of investment, from design to construction completion. Acting for and on behalf of investors ensuring a constant flow of information to the customer. We are prepared to conduct the project preparation phase, it means the total pre-project activities. Our task is investment financial control, allowing fast and efficient investment process.

Construction Supervision

We provide construction supervision in all sectors with support for final acceptance and cost control.

Cost control

We control the costs of construction for the works carried out by contractors by verification of work advancement protocols and submit for approval to our client the payment to the contractor in accordance with the procedures set out in the contract between the investor and contractor.

Investor valuations

Our company prepare a client budget estimate which constitutes a comprehensive study covering all its scope of work from the project documentation and described in detail in the technical performance and acceptance of the works.

Audits, technical due diligence

We perform audits of project documentation, particularly for the checking of completeness, compliance with the building permit, the correctness of the solutions and the feasibility of the intended works.

Periodic inspections of buildings

Performing in accordance with the rules of the Construction Law (Article 62) periodic inspections of buildings, to ensure the safety and comfort of users. Checking i.e. technical condition of the building structure, electrical installations, ventilation, sanitary, heating installations and gas installations.

Technical inspections of buildings

We offer a wide range of technical inspections of buildings that go beyond the standard, mandatory periodic inspections recommended in cases of doubts of the investor regarding particular aspects of the use of the facility, such as...

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