IKEA in Szczecin

The subject of the contract was the management of the complete investment process in the Construction Management formula for the construction of an IKEA large-format store in Szczecin at Białowieska and Mieszka I Streets. It is a facility where a number of ecological solutions have been applied to protect the environment and minimize CO2 emissions.


Characteristics of the object:

  • Building:

    three overground and one underground storey

  • Construction:

    reinforced concrete framework

  • Usable area:

    47 211 m2

  • Building area:

    21 561 m2

  • Cubature:

    294 490 m2

  • Accompanying infrastructure:

    shelters for trolleys, information boards, flagpoles

  • Parking:

    575 parking spaces in an open garage, 427 in the outdoor area, which gives a total of 1002 parking spaces for cars, buses and cars with trailers, family spaces and taxis

IKEA in Szczecin

Scope of work

Investment preparation phase: cooperation with design companies, proposing and giving opinions on the optimization of the presented solutions in terms of technical, technological and economic correctness and compliance with IKEA standards; Analysis of technical documentation (construction, road and installation) in terms of the correctness of its implementation as well as the adopted solutions, including compliance with IKEA standards; cost estimation works, preparation of a detailed schedule, procedure and plan of tenders, participation as a consultant and coordinator in the selection of works contractors; verification of contracts with contractors.

Investment implementation phase: preparation of construction facilities, comprehensive investor supervision, coordination and supervision of works, material and financial inspections, health and safety and fire protection inspections, participation in commissioning and obtaining an occupancy permit.

The phase of completion of the investment and acceptance of works, coordination and completion of as-built documentation.


IKEA Retail Sp. z o.o.

Applied solutions and installations

facility completely independent of the municipal heating network

energy obtained from the ground using ground heat exchangers is used to heat the facility. For these purposes, 192 wells were drilled

in summer, geothermal energy supported by heat pumps is a natural source of coolness that replaces traditional air conditioning

to heat domestic water for sanitary purposes, the store uses heat recovered from cooling devices serving the cooling and freezer rooms

the store is equipped with water consumption monitoring, as well as a monitoring system and preventing any leaks, rainwater is used

plumbing, installation of sanitary and rain sewage systems, power installation, teletechnical installation

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IKEA in Szczecin

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